American Coach Mexico

It was more like Mexi-Can than Mexi-Cant for the Grayson team when approached by American Coach México (ACM) to design and produce an engine cooling system with Cooling Via E-drive, instead of the more Orthodox Hydraulic system – for their new Intercity Coach. The vehicle is powered by a Mammoth Cummins ISX 12 l engine, (400 HP) fuelled with CNG.

With the vehicle bound for operating territories such as Mexico, USA and Canada, the Grayson team have done a Sterling job in producing a module of this size and efficiency, a huge 10 Fan E drive was developed to satisfy the high LAT and engine size.

A credit to all those involved, particularly production and engineering who have done a great job in designing and pulling the module together.

ACM plan to assemble 3 prototypes for testing and marketing purposes, as well as Cummins
IQA validation. Production volumes for 2018 are predicted at 15 rising to 25 by 2020.