Welcome back to our Product Spotlight series! This week, we shine the spotlight on our VTMS product, and we have another challenge in store for you. Test your knowledge and seize the opportunity to win a £30 gift card. The quiz is waiting for you at the bottom of this post. Are you ready to […]

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

When did we start to develop Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cooling Systems? GTS started to develop a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cooling System in 2017 for Solaris, one of the largest city bus OEMs in Europe. Our Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cooling System is an extension of the range of GTS Electric Fan Cooling Systems.   What is […]


When did we start to develop C100 products GTS started to develop the C100 system in 2016.   What does C100 stand for? C100 stands for E-Comfort 100.   What does E stand for in E Comfort? Electrically powered compressor   Why did we develop C100 products? Our C100 has been developed to deliver critical […]

Electric Water Heater

When did we start to develop ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS?   The development of our first Electric Water Heater began in the summer of 2008. What is an ELECTRIC WATER HEATER? An Electric Water Heater is a device that uses electricity to heat water. It has a heating element inside it that warms up the water as […]

Electric Fan Cooling System

When did the development of the begin Electric Fan Cooling System begin? GTS started to develop Electric Fans Cooling Systems for combustion engines around 2007 / 2008.   Why did we develop the Electric Fan Cooling System? To replace hydraulic fan cooling system technology. A hydraulic system had one large fan which was powered by […]

Electric Water Pump

When did we start to develop ELECTRIC WATER PUMPS?  We started to design and manufacture our electric water pumps in 2015.   Why did we develop ELECTRIC WATER PUMPS? With the reduction of diesel engines in our markets vehicles were moving to electric powertrains and power electronics cooling loops that require a pump to move […]

Battery Thermal Management System

  What does BTMS stand for? BTMS stands for Battery Thermal Management System. When did we start developing BTMS products?  The very first BTMS product was built for Solaris in July 2015. We supplied 5 units for an electric bus contract to Barcelona. The first complete BTMS product in a single box (as most people […]