Aviation Case Study

In 2009, an aviation industry client needed to provide a solution to improve pilot comfort within the cockpit where operational conditions could reach temperatures of up to 50°C. A cooling system within the flight suit utilising a specialist condenser and evaporator was required.

The project provided many challenges. The system had to be compact and lightweight, and involved using materials and pressures – minimum 29 bar rated.

Due to the variety of alloys used within the materials, a new process was developed to allow brazing of the unit.

Before being brazed the condenser and evaporator (core, end tanks and pipework) were assembled as two separate complete units. As there was no welding required to attach the end tanks, Grayson was able to offer fully brazed complete aluminium heat exchangers.

The project was a great success, and the technology can also be adapted for use in other extreme environments where heat and ventilation create problems for operatives.