Big Business with Alexander Dennis Ltd

13th May 2014

Alexander Dennis Bus

Grayson Thermal Systems has recently seen an influx of orders due to the success of its long-term customer Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL).

ADL have recently had several large orders placed for new single and double deck buses including 201 Enviro 500s for Singapore-based transport operator SMRT, and 94 Enviro 400s and 40 Enviro 200s for Arriva UK Buses. Both contracts are part of initiatives for the operators to upgrade fleets during 2014 and 2015.

The Enviro 500s are equipped with Grayson’s energy saving e-drive system, which replaces the more traditional hydraulic system. The e-drive system is designed to give operators a high level of control of fan speed and temperature; the fans on the Grayson system only need to be operated on full power when conditions demand it. Customers have reported fuel savings of up to 15%, with reductions in noise levels also reported. The module requires minimal maintenance, therefore further reducing costs and vehicle downtime.

The cooling module will soon be used on the Enviro 200 and 400 modules; these new spec buses will be rolling off the line later this year. The e-drive system is also available as a retrofit option for older vehicles.

Stuart Hateley, Managing Director states, “We’re proud to be associated with such a remarkable UK industry leader, and to be such an integral part to the production of their buses is amazing. We have sustained a brilliant long term partnership with ADL and we look forward to this continuing into the future.”