Caetano Bus Case Study

Electromobility is gaining a momentum across the continent with more and more OEMs standing up to the challenge and building truly green city buses powered by electricity. It is perhaps some way before diesel engine buses are superseded by the new generation transport solution but if anything is certain in this industry it is that the environmental regulations will only be stricter and the technology will surely get better year on year.

Since the beginning of its multi £million investment in the New GTS E-Mobility range, Grayson has been supporting their business partners in the development and introduction of their first hybrid and then first fully electric city buses both in the EU and the US. It is with this experience in thermal management that Grayson was approached by one of the leading public transport vehicle manufacturers in Europe, Caetano Bus from Portugal.

Caetano Bus has a long history of building buses and coaches which goes back decades and it is their belief in innovation and investment in new technology that makes them so successful. It is with great pride that Grayson has been selected to support their new project and deliver first 15 BTMS units to thermal manage the batteries used on the vehicles.

Our systems can be tailored to the optimum working conditions and thanks to the engineering cooperation between Caetano Bus and Grayson Thermal Systems, our BTMS will give a total thermal protection to the batteries offering the end operator complete piece of mind throughout their lifetime.

Visit the Caetano Bus website.