Working with Dennis Eagle since 2000

Grayson Thermal Systems have been building and nurturing a successful relationship with Dennis Eagle, a leading manufacturer of refuse vehicles, since 2000.

Dennis Eagle opted for Grayson product for all specialist vehicle production meeting Euro 3 emission standards. Since then, Grayson has become Dennis Eagle’s strategic supplier and our relationship has progressively strengthened. The quality and reliability of Grayson products are not the only reasons why Dennis Eagle chooses Grayson for their preferred cooling system supplier; the proximity of the two companies and the support that we can locally provide to Dennis Eagle are also crucial factors.

Dennis Eagle also approached Grayson Thermal Systems as they were looking for a new engine cooling product that would meet the requirements of the Euro 6 engine emission standards. The size of a Euro 6 engine is larger than a Euro 5 engine, therefore there is a demand for a higher thermal requirement and bigger engine cooling product. Unfortunately, the envelope space that Dennis Eagle had available was the same size as a Euro 5 cooling system. This space constraint was a critical issue for Dennis Eagle; however, Grayson Thermal Systems worked closely with them to overcome this challenge by developing a bespoke system that perfectly responded to Dennis Eagle’s specific requirements.

Dennis Eagle is regarded as one of our key customers who play an important role to our business. Working with Dennis Eagle has enabled us to improve our process and efficiency, which we have been able to utilise with our other customers.