Export Locations

Export Locations of our GTS Products

In over 40 years of Grayson Thermal Systems, we have seen a small beginning go from strength to strength and now country to country with our export locations.

With an increase of export sales of over 40% in the last 3 years alone, we have made a name as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of engine cooling and E-Mobility products including BTMS (Battery Thermal Management Systems).

From the USA to Australia, customers around the globe are benefiting from Grayson Thermal Systems products and services.

See here just how many locations our products have been successfully engineered, manufactured & delivered to operate in.


See below the export locations where are products are operating:



Montreal | Quebec

Vancouver | BC

Mississauga | ON

Toronto | ON

Ottowa | ON

Sault Ste. Marie | ON

Sudbury | ON

York | ON


Collingwood | CA

Orange County | CA

Pomona | CA

Shreveport | LA

Philadelphia | PA

New York | NY

Indianapolis | IN

Minneapolis | MN

Baltimore | OH

Orlando | FL

Charlotte | NC

Washington DC | PA

Reno | NV

St Louis | MO

Fargo | ND


Nenzing | Austria

Kreuzlingen | Austria

Albi | France

Poznan | Poland

Lublin | Poland

Zielona Góra | Poland

Szczecinek | Poland

Katowice | Poland

Ostrów Wlkp | Poland

Braga | Portugal

Guimareas | Portugal

Lier | Belgium

Roeselare | Belgium

Eindhoven | Netherlands

Rennigen | Germany

Stuttgart | Germany

Heidenheim | Germany

Friedberg-Derching | Germany

Hunenberg | Switzerland

Madrid | Spain

Orebro | Sweden

Sodertalje | Sweden


Santiago | Chile

Mexico City | Mexico


Sydney | New South Wales – Australia

Penske | Queensland – Australia

South Korea

Hong Kong

Atsugi City | Japan


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