Grayson’s E-Drive Cooling System to make its debut in Denmark at Driving Green 2014 exhibition

22nd August 2014

After successful retrofits around the world, Grayson Thermal Systems’ E Drive cooling system is now making its first debut in Denmark at the Driving Green 2014 exhibition.

Stroco, a leading manufacturer of combustion heaters for the automotive industry, is acting as Grayson’s representative in the country. The Driving Green 2014 exhibition is the biggest event for sustainable and efficient road transport in Denmark, and Stroco will be featuring an E-drive system on their stand.

Grayson’s E-Drive cooling system is proven to help customers achieve fuel savings of up to 15% through weight reductions and more accurate control of engine temperatures. The system also results in lower running costs and reduction in environmental impact.

Bent Loftager Nielsen, Consultant at Stroco, said, “The system that Grayson offers certainly meets the demands in our market, and we can see great potential in this product. In my opinion, Grayson’s E- drive system offers a combination of innovation, cutting edge technology and environmental advantages.”

Stroco will be on stand 53 at Driving Green 2014 exhibition from 27th-28th August.