High-performance heating, ventilation and air conditioning


Delivering world-class reliability, efficiency and peace of mind for you, and exceptional comfort to passengers and drivers, is at the heart of our HVAC systems.

Whether you are an OEM developing a new BEV or FCEV vehicle, or an operator upgrading your fleet of combustion engine vehicles by retrofitting a new HVAC system, we can partner with you to find the ideal solution.



Water Heat Pump System

Our energy-efficient and compact unit supplies vital hot water from a refrigerant heat pump circuit for your electric vehicle’s heating system.

C100 Driver Cabin HVAC

Available in recirculation or fresh air mode, our lightweight roof-mounted C100 is trusted by on-road and off-road OEMs to manage cabin climate.

Electric Driver Cabin HVAC Unit

Our easy-to-install, easy-to-access, and easy-to-maintain unit providing windscreen defrost and driver cabin heating and air conditioning.

Electric Demister and Cabin Heaters

Our fully electric, fast warm-up unit quickly and efficiently demists on- and off-highway vehicles’ windscreens in high-humidity regions.

Meeting your HVAC needs for today and tomorrow

Meeting drivers’ and passengers’ expectations for comfort today, and the changing technical and regulatory environment tomorrow, drives our HVAC innovation.

From reduced weights and sizes for greater design flexibility to ensuring suitability for low GWP refrigerants, our expert Research and Development team are continuously delivering new solutions to meet your needs.

Quality components to cut downtime

We understand that cutting downtime is critical to reducing your life cycle costs, which is why we ensure to keep a well-stocked range of high-quality ‘off-the-shelf- components available.

From blowers and boost pumps to compressors and evaporators, we have the products and the logistical expertise to get ready-to-install parts to you quickly.

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From innovative electric-powered and hydrogen-powered buses to retrofit solutions for off-highway applications, we have the experience and expertise to meet the needs of your application.