Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cooling by Grayson Thermal Systems

16th September 2020

40 years in the making.

With conscious efforts to reduce emissions and to cut down pollution on a global scale, one new technology we are seeing gather pace is hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Public transport and other large vehicle industries including Bus, Coach, Rail, Mining, Agriculture and Commercial Vehicles are beginning to see the benefits of Hydrogen fuel cell technology that utilises the natural properties of water and air to create electricity, in-turn providing power to a vehicle with vastly reduced greenhouse gas emissions, all through a renewable energy source.

This is where Grayson Thermal Systems expertise and knowledge comes to the fore. Having built up over 40 years of experience in passive water cooling and over 15 years of innovation in technology of electric fans, GTS provide bespoke thermal management solutions to industries around the globe. This has meant our product portfolio has grown alongside the development of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

We have a range of hydrogen fuel cell cooling solutions for different vehicle sectors and a proven track record for expertly integrating systems that offer a flexible design and packaging to suit the OEM requirements.

Our range of lightweight and efficient heat exchanger platforms compliment the electric fan air flow characteristics meaning we can offer modular cooling solutions to achieve the parameters set out by fuel cell manufacturers.

Used in conjunction the GTS Smart CAN Controller, fan RPMs are controlled to achieve the desired coolant temperature providing better efficiency of power consumption which also leads to quieter operation.

Our heat exchangers are compatible with the use of de-ionised water, usually required to reduce the risk of Fuel Cell contamination and we also have the know-how to recycle waste heat from the Fuel Cells into the vehicle HVAC system, saving power and creating a more efficient heat pump system for the vehicle.

And there’s more…

Grayson Thermal Systems also has a complimentary product range which meet other requirements for Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicles including,

  • Passenger and driver heat pumps / HVAC solutions
  • Electric motor cooling,
  • Battery thermal management system,
  • Electric water pumps,
  • Aluminium header tanks

Grayson Thermal Systems are market leading in thermal management solutions and our customers around the world are benefiting from our experience, skills and expertise in the field.

With four manufacturing sites across two continents and a new advanced Research and Development facility in the heart of Europe, we are equipped to provide innovative solutions to the ever changing vehicle markets.

Creating the Future of Thermal Management – Together.

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