What is an E-Drive (Electric Fan Cooling System)

The E-Drive (Electric Fan Cooling System) is designed to work only when required. It lowers running costs, and environmental impact. Our unique configuration will ensure that energy is not wasted and fuel savings of up to 10% can be achieved.

The E-Drive is designed to customer specifications to include up to 20 fans which only operate when required. The reduced energy loss improves engine efficiency through more accurate control of engine temperatures. The system is ideal for retrofitting and refurbishing within existing fleets, as well as new applications.





System Benefits

  • 100% EU build
  • Better fuel economy (up to 10% reduction)
  • Reduced noise (approximately 30%)
  • Reduced CO2
  • Reduced weight
  • Reduced fire hazards
  • Reduced vehicle downtime
  • Reduced cleaning
  • Easy troubleshooting
  • Designed to customer specifications
  • Standard 2 year warranty (extended warranty can be purchased)
  • ROI estimated at 12-18 months

System Features

  • Next generation CANbus controller
  • Next generation control box
  • New finger guards for fans
  • Lighter fan
  • 30,000 hour fan life
  • New lighter tube and fin design
  • Free cooling/heating system training
  • Consists of 2 heat exchangers, one radiator, and a charge air cooler (no oil cooler)
  • Up to 20 fans available depending on specification requirements
  • Thermal operated temperature settings
  • 5 year product life expectancy with regular servicing

Product Specification

E-Drive Cooling System

  • Cores are constructed of Extruded Tubes and 0.15mm dimpled Fins which are designed to reduce clogging and cleaning
  • Fin are clad coated on both sides to reduce external corrosion
  • Charge Air Cooler tanks are cast constructed to minimise weight
  • Tested using Grayson’s exacting standards (For further details visit our testing page)

Product Specification


Electric Fans

  • Electric fans with finger guard are brushless and rated for a minimum 30,000 hours
  • 22amps at 4100 rpm
  • Max Decibel per fan does not exceed 82db at Max RPM
  • Fans operate in “banks” over radiator and charge air cooler
  • Fans have a reverse feature for self-cleaning of the radiator and charge air cooler
  • Fans are manufactured from a plastic housing to prevent corrosion and provide reduced weight
  • Each fan weighs a maximum of 2.8kg (6.2lbs)

Control Module and Functions

  • Controller is located in a weatherproof enclosure ( IP66 / NEMA 4X rating ), not exposed to outside elements and not located on the outside or fan cowling
  • Controller has a minimum of six Thermal Sensor inputs
  • Diagnostic LED and Reverse button facility
  • Controller communicates with the bus network via J1939 protocol
  • Controller has an independent download capability and software for information on fan usage, temperature and troubleshooting
  • Module is easily accessible for quick removal and replacement