Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cooling

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cooling

Our Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cooling technology is deployed on transit vehicles around the world due to our unrivaled reputation for quality and innovation we are the preferred supplier for fuel cell cooling systems for many OEM’s.

Grayson Thermal Systems have a range of hydrogen fuel cell cooling solutions for fuel cells up to 100kW power output for different vehicle sectors and a proven track record for expertly integrating systems that offer a flexible design and packaging to suit the OEM requirements.

Our range of lightweight and efficient heat exchanger platforms complement the electric fan airflow characteristics meaning we can offer modular cooling solutions to achieve the parameters set out by fuel cell manufacturers.

Used in conjunction with the GTS CAN Controller (V3), fan RPMs are controlled to achieve the desired coolant temperature providing better efficiency of power consumption which also leads to quieter operation.

Our heat exchangers are compatible with the use of de-ionised water and we also have the know-how to recycle waste heat from the Fuel Cells into the vehicle HVAC system, saving power and creating a more efficient heat pump system for the vehicle.

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