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Power Electronics Cooling

Power Electronics Cooling / Driveline Cooling

As electric traction systems become more complex GTS have a range of power electronics cooling systems suitable for a variety of applications across the bus and coach, off-highway, commercial vehicle, and specialist vehicle sectors.

Thermal management of traction, driveline, and power devices is becoming more stringent and far more difficult to achieve on vehicles. Having a suitable power electronics cooling system is important to the efficiency and performance of a zero-emission vehicle.

Starting from 1-fan systems all the way up to 6-fan systems configurable with integrated fan control (V3 controller) and water header tanks, we are confident we will have a plug-and-play solution to meet your needs. To calculate the most suitable system for you based on the thermal performance requirements, all we need to know is ambient temperature limit, coolant flow rate (l/min), heat rejection (kW), and desired coolant temperature.

Taking a solution from our large range of existing products can provide you with the peace of mind that the system is reliable from a proven track record of operating across different vehicle markets worldwide.

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