Custodian Vehicles

Grayson Thermal Systems supplies off the shelf and bespoke solutions

Custodial vehicles are usually designed with priority given to the health, safety and security of prisoners and custodians.

Grayson can provide off the shelf or bespoke engine cooling systems as well as heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment that can be regulated from the driver’s cabin by the custodian. All Grayson HVAC systems have passed temperature control tests making them safe for the habitants of the vehicle. Equipment can withstand ambient temperatures of 40°C and above.

These products are:

  • Driver’s cabin heater/screen defroster/air-conditioner
  • Secure compartment heater / air-conditioner
  • Auxiliary heating
  • Radiators
  • Charge air cooling
  • Hydraulic oil cooling
  • Fuel/hydraulic tanks and reservoirs


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