Power Generation

Grayson Thermal Systems supplies off the shelf and bespoke solutions for Power Generation.

Specific applications used in fully enclosed and exposed stationary applications. These power generation and hydraulic/water pumping applications are covered as well as a wide range of coolers and fluid tanks for vehicle-based winches and hydraulic lifting equipment.

Grayson’s modular cooler range offers the power generation market an off the shelf product which can be tailored to the specific environment and customer application using the upgrade options list. Customer specification can be matched at a reasonable cost even at low volumes.

These products are complete side by side coolers comprising:
Engine radiator
Charge air cooler
Mounting frame

Options are:

  • Hydraulic oil cooler
  • Viscous fan drive
  • Hydraulic fan drive
  • Remote or integral coolant header tank
  • Fuel / hydraulic tanks and reservoirs

Wind Power

In the last few years wind turbines have been modernized and adapted to be used extensively from commercial buildings to domestic holdings. As a result, wind turbines have increasingly been appearing all over the world.

Grayson can provide cooling solutions for the generators located in the turbines nacelle housing.

To discuss your requirements, please contact our sales team.


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