Rail Market

The new era for rail is growing at an extraordinarily fast pace, with new projects emerging from around the world for our expanding product range. As we are becoming more and more considerate about our world, our zero-emission products are generating huge volumes of interest as the rail market shift to greener technology gathers pace.

We have a standard product range designed to meet strict rail compliance, testing and homologation requirements providing a suitable solution for the rail sector.

With technology roadmaps still being established by rail organisation, we here at Grayson have a lot to offer. We understand the technical engineering around zero-emission and greener powered trains / locomotives. Our products provide controlled temperature management for critical components such as the electric motors, power electronics, hydrogen fuel cell and energy storage systems / batteries to ensure they deliver performance whilst simultaneously reducing operating costs and carbon emissions of the rail network.

Our product range for the Rail sector includes;

  • Battery thermal management systems (BTMS)
  • Hydrogen fuel cell cooling systems
  • Electric motor cooling systems
  • Power electronics /auxiliary power cooling systems