Siblings Day – Ian, Stuart and James

8th April 2022

Left to right – James, Stuart and Ian Hateley

Sunday 10th of April is Siblings Day-  a global awareness day recognising brothers and sisters! That’s why this week we have interviewed siblings who work together at Grayson Thermal Systems. We have over 9 sets of siblings! Here is just one of those interviews with Stuart Hateley (Managing Director), Ian Hateley (Aftermarket Director) and James Hateley (Supply Chain Director). 

Who’s the eldest?

Ian is the eldest followed by Stuart, we have a 16 month age difference and then James who is 10 years younger.

Who was first employed at Grayson?

Stuart and Ian started together on the same day. Stuart started after his final exams and Ian when he was expelled from college for having a falling out with teachers regarding work experience. James joined Grayson after completing his A levels in 1989 although he had been making number plates since the age of 12.

Stuart went back to college on Day Release, Ian completed his A-level in Economics via correspondence. James came away from college with 3 x A-levels and then completed Institute of Marketing qualifications at night school.  

Do you get an opportunity to work together? Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Stuart and Ian have been working together for over 42 years and James for 32 years. So, you can say we do get the opportunity to work together. 

It’s a positive thing especially when you have the same goals and have different skill sets which complement each other. You can also completely rely on each other. There is no reservation when you need help you know your sibling will be there to help.

What is the worst thing about working together?

Work never stops! Even when we meet socially it inevitably, at some point, the conversation turns to Grayson. Especially since we have grown so much we deal with customers in the Far East so we get calls at 6am and in the USA which means we’re getting calls 8 or 9pm at night.   

Who is your parents’ favourite?

They don’t have a favourite they made sure everything was on an equal footing. They would spend the same amount on all of us at Christmas and that’s one of the reasons we work so well together- that we were all treated equally. 

That being said Ian and Stuart had left home by the time James was 10 years old so he did get smothered a little bit – allegedly!!

What’s a favourite shared memory growing up?

Growing up every penny went into Grayson so there were no fancy holidays but our parents managed to buy a caravan. Though as a memory it’s a bit painful because everything with it in some way shape or form went wrong with it. 

We were on holiday, it was a windy day and mum was cooking in the caravan. She pushed the plastic vent up on the roof and the gale blew the whole vent away, so we had a massive hole in the roof of the caravan. Dad and Ian pushed Stuart onto the roof to tie a bag around where the vent was. 

James’ memories were more related to sharing moments in sport. He goes to the Villa with Stuart and experienced many ups and downs whilst also being proud of playing in the same rugby team as Ian from time to time.

What do you argue most about?

We genuinely do not argue about anything- we couldn’t have worked together for so long if we did.