Cabin Vehicle Thermal Management System (VTMS)

Cabin Vehicle Thermal Management System (VTMS)

Keep your drivers comfortable and your drive-line batteries at their optimum temperature with our compact, modular and ultra-efficient Cabin Vehicle Thermal Management System (VTMS).

The system combines our pioneering Battery Thermal Management System with our efficient Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) solutions to deliver greater total system efficiency and lower costs and weight.

Key Benefits

Lightweight modular design

Flexible modular design to fit your packaging requirements and weight range of only 20kg to 35kg, depending on the option selected.

Complete single-unit solution

Manages the HVAC of the driver cabin and delivers precision active cooling and heating of the powertrain batteries from a single unit.

Options to suit your requirements

Five different VTMS variations, ranging from simple battery cooling and heating to battery cooling, driver HVAC using reversible heat pump technology.

Intelligent waste heat recycling

Utilises waste heat from the cooling of driveline batteries, electric motors and power electronics to deliver efficient heating.

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Our solutions in action

Discover how we partner with our clients to create heating and cooling solutions that deliver in the real world.

Our highly experienced design team are experts in crafting solutions to the most challenging of specifications.

Every system is a complex mix of components that are engineered to work in harmony with each other; that’s exactly what we do, leaving you with one less problem to solve.

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