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Supporting the stationary power sector with heating and cooling innovation

As the world continues the important push to a net-zero tomorrow, today’s engineers are tasked with redesigning the world’s power infrastructure, with a focus on zero-emission alternatives.

Stationary power applications are playing an important role in transforming the way renewable energy is generated, stored and distributed, supporting grids around the world and providing off-grid power to homes, businesses, telecommunications networks, utilities, and others.

However, whether it is battery energy storage systems for solar farms or hydrogen fuel-cell power systems to power off-grid mines and construction sites in some of the harshest environments, effective thermal management of these applications is one of the most important challenges for engineers to overcome.

How Grayson can help

At Grayson, our dedicated team of heating and cooling experts have been using their decades of thermal management knowledge to work together with OEMs and system integrators to create the solutions needed to ensure your stationary power applications maximise their energy storage and power generation capabilities in even the most extreme of climates..

Extensive standard offering

An extensive offering of fully tested, validated and homologated high and low voltage solutions specifically for the stationary power sector. Benefit from shorter lead times, exceptional value and products ready to integrate into your applications today.

Expert bespoke capabilities

From our extensive UK-based engineering and manufacturing facilities, our dedicated workforce of thermal management experts can work with you to develop systems specific to meet the needs of your stationary power application.

Sector experience & expertise

We have applied our decades of cross-sector expertise to develop thermal management systems capable of meeting the technical requirements stationary BESS and stationary hydrogen-fuel cell OEMs.

Maximise operational lifetime

Avoid premature loss of performance and system longevity as a result of thermal mismanagement with our active liquid cooling systems and heavy-duty cooling modules. 

Our Solutions for Stationary Power Applications

Grayson are with you today on the journey to generate, store and distribute clean energy tomorrow with our advanced stationary BESS and fuel-cell heating and cooling solutions.

Case study: Cooling hydrogen fuel-cell stationary power

In 2023, Grayson was approached to develop a thermal management solution for a new hydrogen fuel-cell power generation application capable of delivering over 1000kW of clean, off-grid power.

To help meet the demanding cooling and flow requirements, we developed our 400V AC hydrogen fuel-cell cooling module. Mountable to the roof of a standard 20ft portable system, the 2-fan cooling module delivers a maximum cooling output of 190kW at 40°C and a flow rate of 290 l/min.

Why stationary BESS thermal management matters

In battery energy storage systems (BESS), the frequent charge and discharge of high-capacity lithium-ion battery stacks results in increased heat dissipation due to internal resistance and electrochemical reactions. Effective thermal management ensures these batteries maintain their optimum operating temperature, preventing accelerated capacity loss and premature battery degradation.

Why stationary hydrogen fuel-cell power thermal management matters

Hydrogen fuel cells provide instant clean power generated on demand by combining hydrogen and oxygen in an electrochemical reaction to produce electricity and water. The other notable by-product of this exothermic process, however, is heat. Additionally, internal inefficiencies, such as resistance to electron flow within the cell, contribute to heat production. Effective cooling is essential to maintain optimal performance and power output as excessive heat can lead to component degradation, reduced efficiency, and potential safety hazards.

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