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Whether you are developing the next-generation of zero-emission vehicles or retrofitting an existing fleet, it helps to work with those who understand your vehicles and your sector. For over forty years, we have worked with manufacturers and operators across a wide variety of sectors all across to globe to supply world-class heating and cooling solutions.

Discover how our generations of knowledge continues to deliver precision thermal management and climate control whilst simultaneously reducing operating costs and carbon emissions across multiple markets and platforms.

Bus and Coach

The unique operating conditions and service requirements of your transit bus, intercity bus or coach require specialist systems and products. Since 1978, we have been synonymous with high-quality HVAC in the bus and coach market.

Today, we work with bus and coach OEMs and large fleet operators to help provide heating and cooling solutions for next-generation zero-emission vehicles.


With the rail sector fast embracing new zero-emission technologies, we have been at the forefront of developing new thermal management solutions that deliver exceptional heating and cooling.

Leading manufacturers trust us to deliver products that meet the strict rail compliance, testing and homologation requirements of the rail sector thanks to our years of market experience and success.

Commercial Vehicle

As a long-term supplier to the commercial vehicle sector since Euro4 engine emissions, we have been trusted to keep trucks moving for years with our cooling and HVAC systems.

Now, as the sector embraces new zero-emission battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell technologies to reduce its carbon footprint, we have products to provide optimum thermal management efficiency for both platforms.

Off Highway

Over the years, we have gained considerable experience supplying internal engine combustion cooling and HVAC systems that can handle the arduous operating conditions that off-highway vehicles are subjected to.

And, as increasing regulation puts pressure on the sector to reduce its carbon footprint, we have designed and developed products specifically for zero-emission off-highway vehicles.

Specialist Vehicle

With our in-house manufacturing capabilities and extensive range of solutions, we have worked with manufacturers across a wide range of sectors to supply heating and cooling solutions for a variety of applications, from school buses and ground support vehicles to recreational vehicles.

Whether it is an HVAC or thermal management system for a new vehicle or a retrofit of an existing fleet, we have the experience and expertise to meet the needs of your special vehicle, regardless of the environment.


Our experience in the defence sector dates back to the 1990s when we have been a partner on many refurbishment and renovation programmes for the Ministry of Defence (MOD). After many successful projects, we became an OEM supplier for military applications in the 2000s.

Today, alongside our heating and cooling solutions for internal combustion engine platforms, we have also participated in battery-electric robotic vehicle trials and battery-electric autonomous vehicle trials in the defence sector.

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From innovative electric-powered and hydrogen-powered buses to retrofit solutions for off-highway applications, we have the experience and expertise to meet the needs of your application.