Keeping critical components
cool in any situation

Cooling Systems

Prevent overheating, derating and shutting down of your powertrain system’s components with our comprehensive range of cooling systems.

From battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell to conventional internal combustion engines, we have the know-how, experience and field-proven systems to suit your application, and the technical expertise to provide tailored options to meet specific requirements.



Power Electronics & Electric Motor Cooling

Ranging from 1-fan to 9-fans, our range of systems can provide extremely efficient cooling for your battery electric vehicles’ essential Electric Drive Motor and Power Electronic components.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cooling

Providing cooling for hydrogen fuel cells of up to 180kW heat rejection output, our range of standard systems can meet the performance and packaging needs of your application.

Internal Combustion Engine Cooling

Using high-performance tube and fin technology, our long-standing and established cooling module for combustion engines has been delivering reliable cooling for over three decades.

Keeping your powertrain components cool

To extend the life of critical powertrain components and maximise your vehicle’s energy efficiency performance, the removal of heat is critical – be it for battery electric, fuel cell electric, hybrid or internal combustion technology.

To achieve this, we have developed a comprehensive range of cooling modules designed to efficiently provide advanced thermal management.

How our cooling systems work

By using ambient air to deliver a temperature difference to the cooling media, our cooling systems reject heat to the atmosphere.

We offer both heavy-duty and light-duty tubes, along with high-performance louvered and low-maintenance dimpled fins, to maximise our systems’ effectiveness.

In addition, our in-house developed CAN controller delivers and provides vital intelligence, from accurate regulation of the fan speed based on coolant temperature to providing vital fault signals.

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From innovative electric-powered and hydrogen-powered buses to retrofit solutions for off-highway applications, we have the experience and expertise to meet the needs of your application.