Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cooling Systems

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cooling Systems

Careful cooling of your FCEV fuel cells is critical for avoiding preventable overheating issues. Our dedicated range Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cooling Systems range can deliver efficient cooling for fuel cells of up to 100kW power output to suit on-highway, off-highway, rail, military and stationary power applications.


Key Benefits

Extensive range

Range of hydrogen fuel cell cooling solutions for fuel cells up to 100kW power output for different vehicle sectors.

Intelligent CAN control

Used in conjunction with our CAN Controller, fan RPMs are efficiently controlled to achieve desired coolant temperature.

Your needs calculated

We precisely calculate the best solution for your specific thermal information relating to your vehicle and its operating environment.

Recycled waste heat

Capable of recycling waste heat from the fuel cell into the vehicle HVAC system for power savings and a more efficient heating system.

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Our solutions in action

Discover how we partner with our clients to create heating and cooling solutions that deliver in the real world.

Our highly experienced design team are experts in crafting solutions to the most challenging of specifications.

Every system is a complex mix of components that are engineered to work in harmony with each other; that’s exactly what we do, leaving you with one less problem to solve.

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