Electric Fan Cooling System

When did the development of the begin Electric Fan Cooling System begin?

GTS started to develop Electric Fans Cooling Systems for combustion engines around 2007 / 2008.


Why did we develop the Electric Fan Cooling System?

To replace hydraulic fan cooling system technology. A hydraulic system had one large fan which was powered by a hydraulic motor, the motor was powered by the engine.

Hydraulic fans consumed more power than electric fans, so electric fans resulted in fuel savings for the customer, typically between 4% and 12% fuel savings can be seen.

Electric fan cooling systems for combustion engines were branded as “E-Drive” as this solution became more popular in the market.


What does an Electric Fan Cooling System do?

An Electric Fan Cooling System maintains the engine and turbo to the optimum temperature for ultimate efficiency by regulating the flow of coolant and air. The optimal temperature varies depending on the type of engine.


What are the key components of an Electric Fan Cooling System?

Radiator (RAD) – cools the water and circulates around the engine to maintain its temperature.

Charge Air Cooler (CAC) – cools the air going to the turbo, giving the vehicle more power and improved engine performance.

Fans – takes cold air from outside the vehicle. The air blows through the RAD and CAC heat exchangers to cool them down.

Harnesses – connect the fans, controller, and fuses from the Cooling System to the vehicle electrics and power supply.

Controller – is the brain of the Electric Fan Cooling System. It controls the speed of the fans depending on the cooling requirement. If cores do not need cooling down the fans will remain off. If the cores do need cooling the fans will start spinning and the speed will be determined by the temperature of the engine water (RAD) and turbo air (CAC).

What vehicle types does our Electric Fan Cooling System go into? 

Our biggest market for Electric fan cooling systems is bus and coach. However, we supply some to Dennis Eagle for refuse collection trucks.

What is the difference between the smaller and bigger Electric Fan Cooling System?

We offer various Electric Fan Cooling System, they all do the same but they differ in size, weight, and cooling capacity. The system is determined by the size of the engine, a larger engine needs a larger cooling system.


What is the biggest Electric Fan Cooling System we have supplied? 

The largest Electric Fan Cooling System we have developed to date is for MCI buses in North America. It was a 12-fan system with a split radiator and charge air cooler.

render of 9 fan


Who builds our Electric Fan Cooling System?  

  • Liviu Mitoi
  • Cosmin Rusu
  • Gabriel Mituletu
  • Anthony Wynne
  • Kyle Harper
  • Samee Rashid
  • Sajid Khan
  • Mihai Mitut


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