All-in-one solution for complete vehicle thermal management

Vehicle Thermal Management System

Save costs, reduce weight and increase efficiency with our complete Vehicle Thermal Management System (VTMS).

With options for both on-highway and off-highway, our VTMS maximises the comfort of your drivers and the performance of your batteries through precise thermal management and essential cabin heating, ventilation and air conditioning.



Double Deck Bus VTMS

Designed to meet the unique requirements of double-deck passenger buses, our all-in-one system delivers energy-efficient upper and lower deck HVAC, BTMS and power electronics cooling.

Cabin VTMS

All your driver cabin and battery heating, air conditioning and cooling management requirements covered by a single, compact and lightweight module.

What is the GTS VTMS?

Gain enhanced driver or passenger comfort and extend the service life of temperature-sensitive batteries with our complete Vehicle Thermal Management System (VTMS).

By pairing our innovative Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS) with our proven HVAC solutions, our complete module accurately manages the thermal regulation of powertrain batteries and essential heating, cooling and ventilation of your driver cabin or saloon passengers.

Tailored to meet your needs with a versatile modular design

Developed to meet the increasingly complex thermal management requirements of BEV and FCEV applications, our VTMS uses a considered, modular design to meet your specific needs.

The system can be configured to fit within your vehicle packaging constraints, and the versatile design means you have a range of different options to choose from with our most advanced product using efficient reversible heat pump technology to ensure low power consumption and maximum range is achieved.

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