Electric Motor Cooling Products

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When did we start making Electric Motor Cooling  products?

GTS started developing Electric Motor Cooling products in 2011.

Why did we start manufacturing Electric Motor Cooling products?

Many of our GTS customers were switching to hybrid vehicles that use electric motors to drive the wheels, these motors generate heat and need to be cooled, this was a simple transfer using our knowledge from internal combustion engine cooling to electric motor cooling. By making this shift it enabled us to continue working closely with our customers to design and develop cooling systems.

What is an Electric Motor Cooling product? 

Power Electronics and Electric Cooling - Featured image 2

Figure 1 – CP-6082-100 for Solaris Electric Buses 


It’s a radiator and fan assembly used to cool electric motors which drive the wheels of hybrid, battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. 

What are the key components of Electric Motor Cooling products?

They have a heat exchanger (radiator), electric fans, in addition some products have a coolant header tank, wiring harness and a controller to adjust the fan speed integrated into the assembly.

How does an Electric Motor Cooling product work?

It cools the motor by circulating coolant through the radiator and blowing ambient air through the radiator core. The heat is transferred from the coolant to the air. The cooled fluid is then sent back to the motor where it picks up more heat, this is then circulated through the radiator again to cool down.

What Electric Motor Cooling models do we make?

We make many models for various customers, some of the most popular would include GK-6533-000 for Solaris hybrid buses, CP-6082-100 for Solaris electric buses, CP-6717-000 for Wrightbus electric buses, and most recently 1A-10041-0A01 prototype for ADL new Enviro400 EV.


Figure 2 – ADL Enviro400 EV


What are the applications for our Electric Motor Cooling products?

They’re used in buses, trucks, mining vehicles and other zero-emission vehicle types.

Who builds our Electric Motor Cooling products? 

These products are built in the OE assembly section under the supervision of Anthony Wynne. 

Which customers use our Electric Motor Cooling products?

Solaris, Wrightbus, ADL, Optare, Tevva, Van Hool, Caetano, VDL and many others.


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