Electric Water Pump

When did we start to develop ELECTRIC WATER PUMPS

We started to design and manufacture our electric water pumps in 2015.


Why did we develop ELECTRIC WATER PUMPS?

With the reduction of diesel engines in our markets vehicles were moving to electric powertrains and power electronics cooling loops that require a pump to move coolant around.

There was a competitor’s pump which we were using, but it had reliability issues, so we decided to develop our own water pump to rival it and enter the market.

We also use an Electric Water Pump in our BTMS product so it was beneficial to develop and manufacture our own.



A water pump is a device that uses a spinning part called an impeller to move fluid around. The fluid enters the impeller, which spins rapidly to create a force that pushes the water or fluid outwards. This creates pressure and flow, making the fluid move.

A water pump usually has parts like a motor, impeller, mechanical seal, motor controller, and pump head.

The water pump is normally part of a wider cooling system for components installed on a vehicle, e.g. electric motors.

red water pump

What are the Electric Water Pump models we offer?

We presently offer the Mechanical Seal Water Pump and the Grayson Magnetic Drive (MagDrive) Pump. Will be entering production in 2023.

The key difference between the two is that the MagDrive Pump doesn’t have a traditional mechanical seal. Instead, it uses a strong magnetic connection to transfer the motion from the electric motor’s shaft to the pump’s impeller.

As a result, the coolant being pumped has no leakage path into the electric motor resulting in a more robust pump.


Our WATER PUMP Products: List of components

  • Brushless motor
  • Motor controller
  •  Impeller
  • Pump head
  • Mechanical seal or magnets


What are the key components of WATER PUMPS?

The main parts of a water pump are the brushless motor, impeller, motor controller, pump head, and mechanical seal or magnets.

Motor controller – controls the speed of the motor.

Pump cover – encloses the other parts and protects them from damage.

Brushless motor – drives the impeller and is controlled by the motor controller to create the right flow.

Impeller – the impeller is the part which is spinning from the motor and thrusts coolant out to the tips of the impeller quicker creating flow and pressure.

Mechanical seal – this seal separates the coolant that is being pumped around a closed system from the motor and is what stops coolant from leaking out of the pump.

Magnets – the magnetic coupling connects the motor shaft to the impeller.


What application do we supply WATER PUMPS to?  

We supply water pumps for use in buses, trucks, trains, mining equipment, and generator sets.


Who builds our WATER PUMPS?

  • Manuele Peranzi
  • Tracey Foster
  • Shaied Iqbal
  • Ishaac Patval


Which companies use our WATER PUMPS?

Many of our customers use our water pumps including Solaris, Wrightbus, ADL, Caetano, VDL, Switch Mobility, Van Hool, Rivian.


What are the features and benefits?

Our water pumps have a brushless motor, which is more efficient and longer-lasting than other types of motors.

They also have CAN and PWM control, which means they can be easily integrated with other systems on the vehicle.


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