Proterra Case Study

In 2013 Grayson started its multi £Million investment to create and develop the GTS E-Mobility Range. As part of this range of products we have developed the BTMS. Our BTMS (Battery Thermal Management System) is the complete solution in regulating your battery temperatures for the transit vehicle.

The BTMS is the ‘fit and forget’ answer, designed for application on the transit vehicle. The BTMS receives signals via the vehicle CAN network, and then activates it’s heating or cooling mode dependant on what the batteries need. By regulating the temperature of the batteries, we can look at the potential of extending battery life.
Grayson has approached the bus and transit industry looking for partners who had a specific need for BTMS. Grayson are and have been involved in a number of tenders all over the world with our market leading product and 3 years on from the initial investments, we have been successful in finding a number of select partners one of which being Proterra.

Proterra build and produce a fantastic all electric bus which services the North America operator and transit sector. This year, Proterra will release into the market approximately 150 all electric buses fitted with the Grayson BTMS giving the operator a range of benefits. Working closely with Proterra has been a valued shared experience for both Grayson and Proterra.

Looking into the future, Grayson are already working on the next generation of BTMS for the bus, rail, automotive, truck and military sectors.