Airport Support Vehicles

Grayson Thermal Systems supplies off the shelf and bespoke cooling solutions

Driver’s cabin heating and air-conditioning as well as a wide range of coolers and fluid tanks for the vehicles mechanical components.

The varied operating conditions encountered by Airport Support Vehicles require Grayson’s products to be constructed with heavyweight components which will remain durable at extremes of temperatures. The products are designed with a range of options enabling the customer to up spec standard vehicles without redesigning the base vehicle where a customer has a specific operational requirement.

These products are:

  • Engine Cooling Modules
  • Drivers Cabin Heater / screen defroster / air-conditioner
  • Passenger compartment heating and air-conditioning
  • Engine Radiators
  • Charge Air Cooling
  • Hydraulic Oil Cooling
  • Fuel / Hydraulic tanks and reservoirs
  • Optional stone guards and filters
  • Auxiliary Heating


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