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When did we start to develop VTMS products? 

GTS started to design and develop the first VTMS unit in 2020.


What does VTMS stand for?

Double deck Bus VTMS - Featured product 2

Vehicle Thermal Management System


Why did we develop VTMS products?

The GTS VTMS has been developed in response to customer requirements for the ability to manage the thermal requirements of electric bus batteries, electric motors, passengers and drivers.

In simple terms, this ensures passengers and drivers are comfortable as well as ensuring batteries and motors are kept cool.

Wrightbus were the first customer to commit to working with GTS on this solution for their new double-deck electric bus project which started in 2020. Following the success with Wrightbus, we then received a nomination from ADL to develop a similar VTMS for their new Enviro400 electric bus which is entering production right now.


What is a VTMS?

A VTMS regulates the heating and cooling within the double-deck electric bus. It has a main unit installed to the rear of the bus which can heat the passengers and cool the batteries simultaneously.

The VTMS typically consists of a main rear unit, driver cabin HVAC unit, with auxiliary heat exchangers and other components which play a vital role in the VTMS delivering energy-efficient thermal management. Using innovative reversible heat pump technology, we can heat and cool the passengers and drivers from a single refrigerant circuit.

The ability to have the thermal management of all key components from a single system provides the vehicle OEM simplicity and a more efficient system overall rather than multiple heating and cooling systems from smaller units around the vehicle.


Our VTMS Products: List of components 

  • Passenger saloon rear unit
  • Driver cabin unit
  • Electric motor traction cooling system
  • Electric water pumps
  • Passenger saloon heater boxes
  • Temperature sensors
  • Complete the VTMS control platform to manage the operation of all components


What are the key components of the passenger saloon rear unit?

These products have all the usual BTMS components which are:

Electric Compressor, Condenser, Electric Fans, Electric Blowers, Receiver Filter Drier, Expansion Valves, Round Tube Evaporator, Plated Evaporator (for Battery Cooling), Electric Water Heater, Electric Water Pump, Water Header Tanks, EPDM/Silicone Hoses, Copper Refrigerant Pipes, Refrigerant Gas, Passive Cooling Radiator, 3-way Water Valve, Pressure Relief Valve.

The VTMS stands out with a 4-way valve which is a complex part of the system it allows us to heat or cool by distributing refrigerant gas in different circuits depending on the outside temperature and the internal demand of the bus.


What application do we supply VTMS products to?  

Currently, we are supplying VTMS to Double Deck Buses only, supplied to Wrightbus and ADL. 

However, as part of the APC20 project we are working on a VTMS development for an on-highway commercial vehicle. This will be a universal system which is suited to a range of electric vehicles since it combines the heating and cooling of the battery and the driver cabin from a single system.

Future development in the pipeline is a VTMS for a 12m single deck and 18m articulated bus which will open up future opportunities with other OEMs as double deck is a niche vehicle for the UK whereas articulated buses are more widely used across Europe.


Who builds our VTMS products?

Lee Chambers, Mark Edgington, Justin Heath, Adam Goddard, Ryan Hateley, John Clee, Lewis Ash, Waqar Naseem, Vicky Morley, Satnam Singh, Andy Neal, Thomas Davis, Soloman Harley, Girmay Abdela and Arshad Zaman


What customers use our double-deck bus VTMS products?

  • Wrightbus
  • Alexander Dennis


What are the features and benefits?

  • Efficient heating and cooling of the entire vehicle.
  • Option of recycling waste heat from the vehicle into the passenger saloon
  • All-in-one solution for the OEM
  • Highly complex software to manage the operation of all components simultaneously


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